Boston Gorgon City Trip / by Mark Cimafranca

Check out this tune.. They're amazing!

This past weekend turned out pretty awesome. Discovering new music is like discovering buried treasure. I keep it to myself for a bit. But then I have to share my joy. So I share it with the most awesome people.

So I went on a roadtrip to Boston to see Gorgon City, along with 2 of the coolest dudes- Kris and Chris. Why did it have to be Boston when NYC's just right there?! Well, no Gorgon City in NYC for a while. Obvi! Plus, a roadtrip always turns out more fun. Starting from Jersey, we hit the road 3am Saturday morning to get to this awesome breakfast place in Boston - The Paramount - where they had the best Strawberry, Banana Pancakes! We walked around town and discovered some cool alleys. We went into this place called Quincy Market, and upon entering, BOOM- so many food counters to choose from! It looked familiar, and then I realized I saw this place on an Anthony Bourdain show, where he had clam chowder! I felt cool just being there haha We had clam chowder for lunch. It hit the spot just right. We drove to our hotel, and checked in, chilled for a bit and listened to some Gorgon City. We still had a lot of time to kill before the show so we drove out to the New England Aquarium. We headed to the Barking Crab after that for dinner- bangin food! So for the main event - later that night, we went to see Gorgon City at Prime Night Club . We danced our asses off to the best Djs, the best sounds, and the best crowd. 

We headed to Chinatown the next morning, and then had Brunch at The Boston Burger Company to finish off the trip. Probably one of the best burgers I've ever had! I wish they were here in Jersey.

Here are some photos of some cool kids.