Jenna Dimartini Part II / by Mark Cimafranca

Hello there Friends! Today is a great day since I get to present to you photos of Jenna Dimartini! She agreed to come all the way from NY to Jersey, and for that, I loved her already. First time I met her was right outside my place, right before the shoot, and right off the bat I thought, "wow, she's got an awesome vibe!" So we had Janis doing hair/make up and my friend Chris assisting. We all chilled a bit, had good laughs, some sangria, maybe lots, since it got a bit warm for me at some point despite the AC. Jenna did her magic, and the rest was history!

Some cool stuff on Jenna:

You might've seen Jenna on television if you've seen the ABC Series All My Children.

You might've seen her too on one of Justin Bieber's music videos.