Matinloc, El Nido, Palawan / by Mark Cimafranca

Trips don't exactly go the way you want it to. Body malaise, and a fever on the third day in Palawan. Over exhausted- but like a kid who doesn't know when to stop playing, I still went on an island hopping trip. I felt sick most of the time, and I wasn't able to take photos as much as I wanted to. I really should've rested it out but whatever. haha  One of my favorite stops that day was Matinloc Shrine (Check out the backstory of the place; it's pretty interesting). We had lunch over there - freshly grilled pork, mussels, and other good stuff made by the tour guides. Right by the shrine was an abandoned mansion, and it seriously looked creepy. I was extremely exhausted by then, but I could not pass it up.

Here are a few photos with my sister!