Surigao / by Mark Cimafranca


The first time I tried out surfing was in an amazingly beautiful town in Costa Rica- too goddamn beautiful that I just want to keep it to myself. But I figure you, and I, my friend, are cool. So I'll tell you where- Santa Teresa.  It really doesn't matter though; you really can't go wrong with Costa Rica. Everything is just beautiful over there. I went 2013 and I wish I knew how to take better pictures then. I plan to go back there some time.. not too far in the future, and definitely, I'll have pictures, and share that town with you guys.

Anyways, almost a year ago, I visited Surigao, Philippines for some surf. It has easily become one of my favorite places on Earth- so much that I'm going back again this coming April. 

PS: I am by no means a decent surfer.. not even remotely close

Here are some photos I got to take! Peace out cub scout!